Below is a list of the documents required to apply for a UK mortgage:

Bank Statements

Mortgage lenders will not accept screenshots of your bank account. This is because there is no address shown on web site statements and so the lender can not authenticate its your account.

Log onto your online bank account and download the monthly Paperless PDF statements your account is generating each month.

If you still use paper statements then photograph them from directly above and send those instead.

Note: all the pages of the statement must be included, not just the first page. 

Income proof

- Employed

Your last 3 months payslips are required by lenders to prove your income. 

Send as PDF files.

Note: if you have just started your new job then send previous jobs payslips.

Sample UK Payslip

- Self-Employed

Tax Calculation / Computation. 

This is the one page summary produced either by your accountant or if you did your own Self-assessment tax return, you can download it from the HMRC website. 

This is also called a SA302 by HMRC

Note: I will need the last 2 years. If the tax year has just passed then we can accept previous tax year up to October of the new tax year.

Click here to log onto HMRC website to retrieve your Tax Calc

Tax Year Overview 

An additional document called a Tax Year Overview verifies that the SA302 information is correct. It is produced by HMRC once you have submitted your self-assessment tax return and shows the amount of tax due to be paid direct to HMRC or any available amount for refund for a given tax year.

How to retrieve your Tax Year Overview

1. Log into the HMRC online account 
2. Select ‘Self Assessment’ (if you are only registered for Self Assessment then you will automatically be directed to this screen)
3. Follow the link ‘Self Assessment Overview’
4. Follow the link ‘view account’
5. Follow the link ‘tax years’
6. Choose the year from the drop-down menu and click the ‘Go’ button
7. Follow the link ‘print your Tax Year Overview’.

Note: Save it as a PDF file and send to us.

Proof of Deposit

To comply with UK Anti Money Laundering regulations, mortgage lenders require proof of where your deposit monies came from. 

Savings – send a PDF bank statement with your address on it, showing the total. SCREENSHOTS OF WEB SITES ARE NOT ACCEPTED

Gifted – Any money from a family member will be accepted by lenders as long as you have a signed letter from each giftor. Lenders will not accept money gifted from friends.