High Net Worth Mortgages over £1M

We work with a number of specialist lenders that can help High Net Worth (HNW) clients borrow on properties worth more than £1,000,000.


Below is a list of the documents you will need to apply for a high net worth mortgage.

How much is your home worth

Knowing how much your home is worth forms a crucial part of any lenders calculations as to how much money they will lend you, we call this the LTV (Loan to Value). If your house is worth £1,000,000 and you want to borrow £7500,000 then your LTV is 75%. A maximum a lender will lend is 90% LTV.

To find out how much your home is worth then head over to www.zoopla.co.uk to find out.

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How much equity is in your home

Let us know how much your current mortgage is for, we don't need exact pounds and pennies but the more accurate it is, the better.
If you are a first-time buyer, then let us know how much deposit you have saved.

How much income do you earn

If you are employed then tell us your annual gross salary. Include any bonuses or overtime.

If you are self-employed, then this is the NET Income that you paid tax on. This is called a SA302, or Tax Calculation/Computation plus Tax Year Overview.

Include any additional income like child benefit, maintenance, universal credit and tax credits.

As a general rule most lenders will offer around 5 times your income if your income is greater than £60,000.

Any credit commitments or issues?

We all have moments in our lives where we did not manage to pay a utility bill or missed a payment on a mortgage. If that happened to you then let us know, it does not mean you can not borrow anything, it usually depends on how long ago it was.

Include any credit card debt, personal loan or car payment commitments you may have.

But the more information we have about your situation, the better we can serve you in finding the best mortgage for your lifestyle.

Book your mortgage review?

Now you have the details of your property value, current loan amount and your income details to hand, now book a call back from us at a time that suits you.

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