A Self-employed mortgage can be more of a challenge to apply for. 

But with the help of a good mortgage broker, you should be able to get a regular mortgage as long as you can provide proof of your income, detailed below.

Note: - We can help company directors use the NET profit on top of their salary and dividends as part of their total income towards a mortgage application.


At Sussex Mortgages we have a lot of experience of working with Self-Employed clients and helping them get a mortgage. 

So get in touch today and let us do the hard work for you in finding the right mortgage to suit your needs.

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Key requirements for a self-employed mortgage application.

  1. At least one year’s business accounts to be completed, preferably two years.
  2. As a Sole Trader, you will need to present your Tax Year Calculations (the SA302 form from HMRC) and your Tax Year Overview from HMRC showing the tax you are due to pay.
  3. As Director of a Limited Company, you will need to show at least your first year of company accounts, preferably two years.
  4. Three months bank statements.
  5. Some lenders will also require evidence of upcoming contracts, dividend payments or retained profits depending on your form of self-employment.